Pin the Bowtie on the Skeleton!

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My son’s pre-k goes all out for their Halloween Party. It’s a big deal in the schools, I suppose because they don’t celebrate for Christmas or any holiday party (Winter Break) so, Halloween and Valentine’s is a big one for them! On one hand, the political correctness is “ugh” inducing, but, on the other hand, I love Halloween so it doesn’t bother me!

I had volunteered to donate my artistic abilities if they were needed, and was happy when the class moms emailed me to ask if I could create a “Pin the Bow Tie on the Skeleton” for the kids to play during their party. I am thrilled with the results. My cousin has already asked for one for her classroom too¬† – I’ll make that for next year!

I painted this cute little Skeleton on canvas, tried to be as “approximately accurate” as I could (I should really coin that phrase, it really sums up a lot in my life lol!) At first they were going to provide a bow tie, but I thought a store bought one just wouldn’t jive with the skeleton, as, now that he was created I was growing quite fond of the design! So, I sewed a little (or, big actually) orange bow tie to go along. The polka dotted background is an orangey red color, and I had extra space at the top so I added a name to the canvas. I just love him! Neil seems to like him too. He’s been reading “Skeleton Hiccups” a lot this month, so I think he’s gotten the idea that skeletons make a hiccup sound quite like a dog would make a barking sound. He has been so into Halloween books this year – every day it’s The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and Ten Timid Ghosts along with, of course, Skeleton Hiccups. He’s heard them so much he’s got them memorized and recites them to us. I have to say, it is totally adorable to wake up and hear him reading the books to himself in the morning!

Skeleton gets sent off to Neil’s class tomorrow and he’ll be staying there through the years, but, I might have to make a second (or third, if you count my cousins) for myself, after making one – I just love the idea!

Click on the pics to see the bigger versions!